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Adapter Nikon G - Sony E, K&F Concept
Used lens Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 35/2.8 in CY mount
Used lens Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 85/2.8 in CY mount
Used lens Carl Zeiss Planar T* 85/1.4 in CY mount
Used lens Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50/1.4 in CY mount
ND1000 Filter, 62mm
Adapter Nikon G - Canon EF, K&F Concept
Coupling ring 67mm - 67mm
Coupling ring 58mm - 62mm
Coupling ring 62mm - 62mm
Coupling ring 52mm - 67mm
Coupling ring 77mm - 77mm
Coupling ring 72mm - 77mm
Coupling ring 72mm - 72mm
Coupling ring 52mm - 55mm
Reverse adapter ring 58mm - Micro 4/3
Used lens RMC Tokina Wide-Auto 28mm 1:2.8, M42
Lens hood 37mm, made of metal, "standard"
Lens hood 40.5mm, made of metal, "telephoto"
Used lens Nikon AF Nikkor 75-300/4.5-5.6

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25.07.2014: The site has just been relaunched using the new engine. The store moved from the main page, it is now located here.

Accounts of the users registered with the previous implementation have been transferred to the current one, however, existing passwords are no longer valid.
If you registered with the site before 26th July 2014 - please use the Reset password page to receive a new automatically generated password to your registration email address. The automatically generated password can then be changed to the desired one on your account page after signing in.

14.08.2014: the new store has served several dozens of orders. No critical issues were found, several non-critical have been detected and fixed, numerous minor improvements have been made. Some things which used to be present in the earlier version UI like "New products", "Recently viewed products", search, etc. are still missing, they will be implemented soon, along with further improvements to the already available functionality.

14.09.2014: in the meantime two parts were added to the site: one for publishing information and one for publishing pictures. With these additions, the site parts planned for the beginning have been basically implemented, the next stage is improving everything.

16.01.2016: the site is getting some face lifting, the work is in progess, the functionality should not be affected by user interface changes.

Latest pictures
Ober Altstadt street in city of Zug, Switzerland. High dynamic range image (HDR) after tone mapping. Source pictures were taken using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and a Canon EF 24-105/4L IS USM lens.
Ober Altstadt street, HDR
Rapperswil, Switzerland - 12 March, 2015: view on the Seequai quay. Picture taken using a Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera and an auto Chinon multi-coated 28/2.8 lens in Pentax K mount, attached to the camera by means of a PK - FX adapter.
Saint John's parish church (German: Stadtpfarrkirche St. Johann) in Rapperswil, Switzerland. Picture taken using a Canon EOS 6D camera and a Carl Zeiss Distagon 18mm 1:3.5 ZE lens.
Saint John's parish church
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